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About Me

An inquisitive lover of life, Brenda aims to change the world one conversation at a time. Through her humble beginnings losing her mother at age 6, she developed a strong resilience through life’s dark moments. This resilience has helped her build a 30+ career in the insurance industry where she helps clients through some of their most difficult life events.


Brenda found her resilience challenged during the end of her 26 year relationship/marriage, navigating life as a single Mom to two teenagers. She transformed this painful time and now lives a life she loves. She uses these life experiences to guide her coaching clients with tools designed to get them on the other side of the pain they are experiencing.


Whether it’s Conscious Uncoupling®, building mental fitness through the Positive Intelligence® program, or creating personalized yoga sessions, Brenda has the knowledge and experience to help you discover your own inner light and the brilliant life waiting for you. 


Brenda Bryson, CIP, RYT, Certified Conscious Uncoupling® Coach, Positive Intelligence® Coach

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